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Protection for the guests of the station missions "


Dressguard donates textile masks

(BERLIN) The manufacturer of workwear Dressguard from Philippsburg donated 80,000 textile masks to the station missions. These days, the masks will be sent to the 104 train station missions nationwide, where they will be given free of charge to the guests of the social welfare institutions.


Christian Bakemeier, Federal Managing Director of the Bahnhofsmission, is very happy about this donation: “The corona pandemic is a great burden for everyone, but those who do not have their own apartment are hit hard by the situation. Especially in the big metropolises, many of the guests of the train station missions are homeless. ”Bakemeier explains that these people often lack access to sheltered accommodation, food, clothing and - in Corona times especially important for appropriate hand hygiene - sanitary facilities. In this precarious situation, the station missions are important contact points and at the beginning of the pandemic switched their services to basic supply services. In everyday life, they register that their guests, if they have everyday masks, often wear them for too long and do not clean them properly. Dressguard's high-quality textile masks help to solve this problem.


"As a modern company, we are aware of our social responsibility and want to make our contribution to society even in these difficult times", Managing Director explains the special commitment of Dressguard. Dressguard is happy to use the donation to reach people who are particularly in need of effective protection against infection. Many of the guests of the station missions belong to the vulnerable groups due to their age and previous illnesses and have a significantly increased risk of severe Covid 19 disease.


Berlin, October 20, 2020


Bahnhofsmission Deutschland e.V.


About the station missions:

The station missions have been providing immediate help at the station for over 125 years. Of the approximately 2 million guests annually at the 104 train station missions nationwide, more than half are affected by poverty and social exclusion. Many are homeless. Station missions offer these people protection, help in need and advise and mediate in further assistance offers.


Which is why the former goalkeeper is now a sponsor of the long-established football club, which has around 800 members. Sandro Quarata, chairman of the FC, greatly appreciates the support: “The connection between FC Olympia Kirrlach and dressGuard goes beyond the
conventional relationship between a sponsor and a club. It is the very essence of cooperation between football enthusiasts who are also friends. Spase is convinced that good teamwork is the only way to achieve goals –

plus a healthy portion of courage, trust and ambition. This is the approach to life which he propagates and teaches our young people. For many years he has been a major innovator, building bridges in our club.” The benefits reaped by this commitment can be seen when one looks at the activities in which the 100-year-old club engages. Sandro Quarata is of the same opinion: “FC Olympia is a refuge and a place where people of all ages can meet. It’s active integration.”



Spase Kulevski has always been convinced of this truth - even back in his days playing football for Fc Olympia Kirrlach. Today, he remains as convinved as ever.

The traditional football club  - FC Olympia Kirrlach - celebrates its 100 years jubilee.

We congratulate and support the organisation of the jubilee football match against Karlsruher SC:

Spase Kulevski has always been convinced of this truth - even back in his days playing football for Fc Olympia Kirrlach. Today, he remains as convinved as ever.


Prevention of violence and self-assertion are very important!

For this reason we happily support our regional primary school so that they could offer free courses for the kids.

For more visit:

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Just in time for the 'start of school' after the compulsory Corona break, we support regional schools, in this case the Erich Kästner School, with a generous donation  Donation of our washable children's mouth-nose masks.

It was very important to us to be able to support needy students so that the prescribed hygiene measures were observed in schools  can become!

You can find more about this at:

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